C 'X r- A Dutch Design and Consultant Group Eine hollandische Design- und Beratergruppe Un groupe hollandais de design et conseils Wim Crouw j n lj JUBja -J TOTAL DESIGN The design group Total Design was founded by five partnersWim Crouw Friso Kramer, Paul Schwarz, Dick Schwarz and Benno Wissingin 1963. It has sir become, through its attitude towards design and through its social conscien something of an institution on the Dutch design scene. Of the founding partners o; Wim Crouwel is still with the group as a consultant; he is now a full-time Professor; Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Delft. Total Design receives" commissions equally from private clients and from the government or semi-gove mental institutions. The latter group has strongly influenced Total Design's analyti; approach and design methods. Its range of work includes pure graphic and typ graphic design, corporate design, exhibitions and signage systems, and environmen design where this includes the conveyance of information. We show a cross-sectij through the work of Total Design, plus a spread devoted to Jelle van der Toe' Vrijthoff who recently joined the group. Editor SmcuI «TioMiM It on communication of o> procouot anO dofinrtion ut «wnr.t» pi oip animate, integrated typt ot debgn thai Founded in 1963, Total Design was the first group of its kind in tl Netherlands. The not very modest-seeming name of Total Desij; was chosen because the idea was to offer full design services rangir from graphics and exhibitions to environmental and product desig But like so many other ideas, this one became reality only in part: clietf with a 'total' need are few and far between. Most required only ot aspect of the services. So in the first few years of practice the grot gradually assumed its basic shape, watching its possibilities and shar ening its faculties. TD, as it was soon being called, succeeded establishing a serious name and in combining rational, analytic methods with aesthetic solutions. Among its first clients was the Amsterdam Airport Authority. T; signage done under the direction of Benno Wissing for the ne Schiphol Airport became a model for many other airport signa: systems in the sixties and seventies. Among other important comm.- sions were corporate design programmes for private enterprises such the SHV Holding, Randstad, Furness and the AMRO Bank, and f programme for the Dutch postal and telecommunication services, do in collaboration with Tel Design and Gert Dumbar. Once the design group had found its feet, some of the foundit partners went their own way. Friso Kramer first returned to industr design; Paul and Dick Schwarz switched to the information businei. Benno Wissing opened his own design office and later went to the US Ben Bos, who had joined the group at the outset, became a direct by the end of the sixties. In 1975 Loek van der Sande, former director the Dutch Design Institute, joined TD as a director, and in the sar year Anthon Beeke became a member of the senior staff. He triggerei process of rethinking of the basic functions and aims of a design groi should there be more weight on the advanced creative visual interp: tation of ideas, or should the rational and analytical approach continued? Beeke represented the type of the sensitive artist who rea« subjectively, while his colleagues generally took a more objective lir After five very fruitful years, Beeke left to start his own studio. 8

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