The group has now existed for nearly twenty years, and the present writer is the only founding partner still with TD, now as a consultant; but through all these changes the basic working structure has remained the same. Projects are handled by small teams consisting of a senior designer and two to three assistants, with a place in each team for a trainee from one of the Dutch art schools. Each team has its specializa tions and works for a group of clients. On the large and complicated commissions, two or more teams collaborate. Communication with clients is mainly through the senior designer, who holds budget responsibility, but other team members may have direct contact with clients where this is functionally justified. There are also teams for three-dimensional work, final artworf photography and production, each with two or three members. Tfl staff totals thirty, with the sexes roughly equally represented; include in this figure is a seven-person secretarial and administrative groui. Senior designers are Ben Bos, Daphne Duijvelshoff, Wim van d( Weerd and Jolijn van de Wouw. In May this year Jelle van der Toot) Vrijthoff, former head of design of the State printing office, joined sj a senior. Paul Mijksenaar, who teaches at Delft University, is a senic advisor. Ben Bos and Loek van der Sande are managing directors, The financial structure changed in 1978, when the privately owned shares were acquired and deposited in a share-holding foundation

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