■m arose 13) 14) Double spreads from The Nature of Recreationa large hanill in honour of Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of New York's r it Park, by Richard Saul Wurman, Alan Levy and Joel Katz. Fig. i with the shape of recreational spaces. In the plans of Fig. 14 (gret.qpj brown) the reader can insert trees and recreational facilities. 13) 14) Doppelseiten aus The Nature of Recreationeinem Buch zu Frederick Law Olmsteds, Schöpfer des Central Park, New Yorlli/ R.S.Wurman, Alan Levy und Joel Katz. Abb. 13 zeigt Form$ Erholungslandschaft. In die Plane von Abb. 14 (grün, braun) k.jl Baume und Freizeitanlagen eingesetzt werden. 13) 14) Doubles pages de The Nature of Recreationmanuel au r, format réalisé par Richard Saul Wurman, Alan Levy et Joel K er; I'honneur de Frederick Law Olmsted, le concepteur du Central P be New York. Fig. 13: la forme des espaces récréatifs. Le lecteutsjto-. insérer des arbres et équipements dans les plans de la fig. 14. Art Director Directeur artistique: 13) 20) RICHARD SAUL WURMAN Designers Graphiker Graphistes: 13) 14) JOEL KATZ 15)-18) RICHARD SAUL WURMAN 19) 20) MICHAEL EVERITT Artist I Künstler Artiste: 15) LANCE WYMAN Photographer Photograph Photographe: 16)—18) REVEN T. C. WURMAN "A [Continued from page 4i] He has a most unique mind, rem, k- able ideas and concepts seem to come easily to him. t's enough to make all designers weep.'Lou Dorfsm;; There is no doubt the man is a fanatic. Heijai too many excesses to be anything but a fane. Excessive interests, excessive energy, excesi/B. determination, excessive skills. The design w<ld has many good 'example' makerspeople wl^e work inspires us by its beauty and intelligence. 7c- have very few good examples of content lov s. Wurman has become one of our Great Explains. Now, does that say more about what he ispr about what we aren't? Richard Saul Wurman 46

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