Only astronauts are packed into as much gear as Foot bal I us Americanus usted hands set tmgerholps. Among methods and-up SUrrup Kick tape )Ob, locking height ol the against a mad-dog years ago tar bulkier Synthetic Era has large load olt players backs tly are pulled on (some tightly form-filling duroy. snap-in thigh gu pockets Other designs include vinyl plastic pad pockets for spine, kidney hip protection otal-support design, over which goes polyester (ockstr worn—up to 5 Vi pounds They complicated UantromMars devices plexon. vinyl padded banana flaps covering shoulder shoulder-harness units are fitted injured quarterbacks The shielding the clavicle and deltoid Cost lighter gear wrap of the bubble (packing Cuarterbacks use the least tape trom pre-ga vork on har Fingers get lammed Open Set-Strong Side Right 26)-3l) Double spreads and illustrations from another Access series, this time devoted to the sports. Football/Access is conceived as a television watcher's guide and contains everything the average fan is likely to want to know about American football. Fig. 26 showsin coloursome of the padding worn by what the booklet calls Footballus Americanusan armament review which is continued in Fig. 27. Fig. 28 explains some moves in the game (known as 'plays') and illustrates a number of legitimate tackles. Fig. 31 opens a section on team formations and plays which are illustrated in more detail in Figs. 29 (from the spread in Fig. 31) and 30. Further Access books are planned on boxing, baseball and the 1984 Olympic Games. 26)—31) Doppelseiten und Illustrationen aus einer anderen Access-Reihe, die dem Sport gewidmef Football/Access ist als Fernseh-Handbuch gedacht und enthalt alles, was der Durchschnittsfan C den amerikanischen Fussball wissen möchte. Abb. 26 zeigt - in Farbe - die wattierte Polsterung, vom Footballus Americanuswie es im Buch heisst, getragen wird, gefolgt von einer weitt Ausrüstungsschau in Abb. 27. Abb. 28 erklart einige Spielmanöver und illustriert ein paar zulas1 Körperchargen. Abb. 31 eröffnet ein Kapitel über Mannschaftsformationen und Spielarten, di Abb. 29 (aus der Doppelseite in Abb. 31) und 30 genauer illustriert sind. Weitere Access-Sport^] bücher über Boxen, Baseball und die Olympischen Spiele 1984 sind geplant. 50 ,0,oh no. ,AO°22?i

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