I Jede Woche lesen sehen verstehen mitreden Franziska Feldmann Franziska Feldmann, born in 1962, attended Secondary School and took the preliminary course at the School of Arts and Crafts in Berne before commencing her apprenticeship. Like Peter Wüthrich, she is now in the third year of the four- year training period. Franziska Feldmann, geboren 1962, besuchte die Mittelschule und absolvierte den Vorkurs der Kunstgewerbeschule Bern vor dem Eintritt in die Lehre. Wie Peter Wüthrich, steht sie heute im drit- ten Lehrjahr der vierjahrigen Ausbildung. Franziska Feldmann, née en 1962, a fait l'école secondaire et suivi le cours préparatoire a l'Ecole des arts et métiers de Berne avant d'entrer en apprentissage. Tout comme Peter Wüthrich, elle est actuellement en troisième année de formation - l'apprentissage complet durant quatre ans. n 11) First three letters of a newly designed, hand-drawn sanserif alphabet. The height of the "is drawn is 6.3 cm. 12) Logotype designed for an American airline, intended for universal use as part of a corpae identity programme. 13) Lettering used on a shopping-bag. Part of a design programme intended for a manufacturpf ehc electric bulbs. 14) Pencil drawing of an imaginary sharp edge. 15) Trademark developed from a square grid. 16) Poster for a young people's magazine. The overlapping colours create the impression la striding movement. 17) Cover designed for a printer's catalogue, a composition using very simple forms with logi|y integrated lettering. 18) Pencil drawing with wash. Light and shade and textural effects are evoked by the drawing the colours are applied flat. Size: 37.5 by 21 cm. t 72

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