Haas Unica Haas Unica Haas Unica Haas Unica Haas Unica Haas Unica H a a s U n i ca Haas Unica i I Haas Unica, designed byTeam '77for Haas'sche, Schriftgiesserei AG, Munchenstein, Switzerland, is now available on all Mergenthaler Linotype photo and digital typesetting systems. Haas Unica is available in black, bold, roman and light with accompanying italics. For details: In the United States, call MergenthalerType Sales, (800) 645-5764; in New York call: (800) 832-5288. Throughoutthe rest of the world, call your local Mergenthaler Linotype agent, or write to: Typographic Development, Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 201 Old Country Road, Melville, New York 11747, USA. Haas Unica.* The new Grotesk for photo digital. 1 'Unica and Haas are trademarks of Allied Corporation.

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