Chicago's Art Institute, and he has only one stylebut that is consummate. He has created a world of subliminal horror over which he has complete mastery. Nothing in it is explicit, but even the smallest object is full of dark implications. His umbrellas look like bats, his bats like umbrellas. His wallpapers and hangings are executed with a loving implacability. Even his backgrounds are full of a blank hopelessness: every stroke is lethal. This dismal scenario is illu mined by Gorey's inventive wit: when Death goes cycling, his lamp casts a beam of darkness! Here we are then, in a world of murk and perdition, where treachery lurks in even the most harmless things. Night is falling, though it's only two o'clock. A sinister fur-coated figure melts into the gloom on the fringe of the gaslight. Run, Amalia, run! Ogdred Weary is just around the corner! Die radelnden Radiosi ward Gorey in his studio with three of his cats. Photo: Peter Warneke ward Gorey in seinem Studio mit drei seiner Katzen. Hward Gorey dans son studio avec trois de ses chats. Edward Gorey was born in Chicago in 1925, stud- id at Harvard, was for a time an art director in a ablishing house and has since authored and illustrated rer 200 books, in some cases writing the text by hand, ■e has been compared to Magritte, but his realm of '■nteel horror is really quite his own. He lives with his 'ts in New York and Barnstaple, Cape Cod. A previous Iticle on him appeared in Graphis 163. Editor j Edward Gorey, 1925 in Chicago geboren, studierte anzösische Literatur an der Harvard University. Er >g nach New York und war Art Director beim Verlag oubleday. Seither ist er beriihmt geworden als Autor id Illustrator von iiber 200 Biichern. Man hat ihn mit agritte verglichen, aber seine Art des vergnüglichen errors ist unverwechselbar. Er lebt mit seinen Katzen New York und Barnstaple, Mass. Ein friiherer Arti- 1 iiber ihn ist in Graphis 163 erschienen. Redaktion .Edward Gorey, né a Chicago en 1925, a fait ses ades a Harvard, a été directeur artistique d'une maison edition pendant un certain temps, puis s'est attelé a la oduction de livres. II a a ce jour rédigé et illustré plus 200 ouvrages en écrivant parfois le texte a la main. On comparé a Magritte, mais son genre d'horreur délec- ole est bien unique. On trouvera un article sur lui dans raphis 163. La Redaction Episodes from The Disrespectful Summons. Miss Squillow is ed by the devil while out walking. Cows and geese now fall d at one glance of her evil eye. A troupe of cycling circus artistes and a nineteenth-century ^anese stencil design from The Broken Spoke. ,-i Episoden aus Die respektlose Aufforderung. Wahrend Miss pillow spazierengeht, wird sie vom Teufel gepackt. Kühe und pise fallen tot um beim Anblick ihres bösen Auges. i) Eine Gruppe radelnder Zirkusartisten und eine japanische lablonenmalerei aus dem 19. Jh., aus Die weiche Speiche. Episodes tirés de «La Sommation irrévérencieuse». Le ble s'empare de Miss Squillow alors qu'elle est en promenade, "sormais, son «mauvais ceil» tue vaches et oies innocentes. 9 Une troupe d'artistes de cirque a vélo et un dessin japonais pochoir du 19e siècle, dans «Le Rayon cassé». 4 83

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