IE NEUE TEXTSCHRIFTEN BEI BERTHOLD BERLIN Mit modernster Prazisionstechnik und ausserster Sorgfalt in der formalen Bearbei- tung eines jeden Details hat Berthold im Laufe der Jahre eine Schriftenbibliothek aufgebaut, die in Qualitat und Vielfalt ihresgleichen sucht. Sie enthalt alles, was Rang und Namen hat in der internationalen Typographic: die erlesenen, unverandert gültigen Schöpfungen früherer Epochen ebenso wie das vollstandige Programm der heute weltweit tonangebenden ITC, New York; den Fundus überlieferter Bleisatz- schriften sowie die farbige Palette von Berthold-Exklusivschriften. Diesen Reichtum allen zuganglich zu machen, die mit Schrift umgehen, ist Aufgabe der um 250 Textschriften erweiterten Neuauflage von Berthold Body Types E2. Noch nie zuvor wurden für Schriften so umfassende und detaillierte Informationen ausgebreitet wie mit diesem Buch. Die Fülle der optischen, bibliographischen, kalkulatorischen und schrifttechnischen Angaben macht E2 zu einem wichtigen Standardwerk für alle typographischen Gestalter und zu einem zuverlassigen Wegweiser, der bei der Arbeit mit Photosatzschriften schnell und sicher zum Ziel führt. Ein Leser-Service besonderer Art wird mit dem Nachtragsdienst angeboten. Wer die Karte am Ende des Buches zurückschickt, wird kostenfrei laufend über alle Schriftneuheiten informiert. Bert hold Body Types E2. Erlautert und usammengestellt von GötGorissen. 1204 Seiten, 21 x 29,y cm. Gan^leinen mit Schut^umschlag. Berthold Berlin und Callwey München, 1982. DM 98,—. Zu be^iehen über den Buchhandel oder direkt bei HBerthold AG, Teltowkanal- strasse 1-4, D-1000 Berlin 46. NOUVEAUX CARACTÈRES DE LABEUR PUBLIÉS PAR BERTHOL En faisant appel a une technique de précision des plus modernes et en apportant u' attention minutieuse a la réalisation formelle du moindre détail, Berthold a constif au fïl des années une bibliothèque de caractères inégalée au plan de la qualité et de diversité. Elle comprend tout ce qui compte dans l'histoire et dans l'actualité de? typographic internationale: les créations exquises d'époques révolues qui ont encci la cote aussi bien que le programme complet de l'ITC de New York qui fait autor' dans le monde entier; le fonds historique des plombs aussi bien que la gamme haute couleur des caractères exclusifs de Berthold. C'est le but que se propose la nouve. édition de Berthold Body Types E2augmentée de 250 caractères de labeur, que j rendre ces richesses accessibles a tous ceux qui ont a s'occuper de caractères. Jamai. ce jour les utilisateurs n'ont disposé d'un éventail d'informations aussi complet j aussi détaillé que dans eet ouvrage. La foule d'indications qu'il renferme quani' l'aspect visuel, a la bibliographie, aux données techniques des caractères et au calcul 3 leur disposition sur la page imprimée fait de E2 un instrument de travail essentiel pof tout concepteur en typographic et un guide fiable qui fait gagner beaucoup de temps d'effort dans la mise en application de la photocomposition. Un service de mise a jo: compléte l'ouvrage: il suffit de renvoyer la carte insérée a la fin du livre pour êf informé de toutes les nouveautés en matière de caractères. Berthold Body Types E Commentaire et réalisation de Göt% Gorissen. 1 vol. de 1204 pp. au format 21 x 29,y cm. Re pl. toile sousjaquette. Berthold Berlin) et Callwey Munich), 1982. DM 98,—. A NEW COLLECTION OF BODY TYPES FROM BERTHOLD BOOK REVIEW Using modern precision technology and paying the greatest attention to the formal elaboration of every detail, the Berthold company has built up, over the years, a typeface library that is hard to match in terms of quality and diversity. The collection includes everything of any status or reputation in the history of the typographic arts: the lasting creations of past eras as well as the complete programme of the ITC, New York, which nowadays sets international typesetting standards; the large number of traditional metal typefaces passed down to us as well as the varied range of Berthold's own exclusive typeface designs. The purpose of the new edition of Berthold Body Types E2which has been extended by 250 faces, is to make this rich patrimony available to all who have to do with type. Never before has such detailed and comprehensive information on typefaces been offered as in this book. Its wealth of visual, biblio graphic and technical particulars makes E2 a standard work of reference for typo graphic designers and a dependable guide to all aspects of film typesetting. A special updating service which any customer can make use of is a particularly advantageous feature; all the reader need do to avail himself of this service is to send in a card provided at the end of the book. Berthold Body Types E2. Explained and compiled by Göt% Gorissen. 1204 pages, 8 x 113A inches. Cloth boards with dust jacket. Berthold, Berlin, and Callwey, Munich, 1982. $40.00. MEYI K"* 1 \/VKI< U .\iM MEYER** MI-YI'K*» V \ZYKtO KNZYKH U>IS< IUS I'AOISCHI iXtKOS lJ\ikON 'Ml rr£r^ 3SES r«»x ku lump».. ^rtho'd s qulck brown ft>>x ,T Berthold Headlines E3. 1400 headline faces arranged according to similarity. Explain and compiled by GötGorissen. joo pages, si%e 8 x 11 3A inches, cloth boards with dust jack Berthold, Berlin, and Callwey, Munich. 90.00. - This book is intended primarily for t; typographic designer who has an idea, as yet indistinct in detail but definite in spill of the typeface he is looking for, a typeface which must correspond in tori implications and expression with the message he wishes to convey. The 1400 typefaq it contains are first shown in their original character in alphabetical order. In the msj part of the book, they then appear in the surroundings of similar typefaces. T# confrontation with its stylistic neighbours invites the observer to make comparison and to study the details of form; and it thereby trains his powers of visual discrimirl tion. It saves him the trouble of hunting through endless catalogues for a suitable fa' All of them are given here in the form of the sentence 'The quick brown fox jum over the lazy dog', which is well known to contain all the letters of the alphabet an enables the essential values of a typeface to be judged much better than in an alphabj The faces are presented in both lower and upper case, the latter including a set numerals. The designer of the face is indicated, as is the date of its first appeararn The book attempts in this way to display the whole complex of printing typefaces ir practical, easy-to-follow arrangement. It enables the designer to be more flexible varying styles and to strike the right note more precisely, since it is this that makes t. music in typography as elsewhere. Escher. With a complete catalogue of the graphic works. General Editor: J.E. Tocher. W. 606 illustrations, 96 in colour. Including essays by M. C. Escher. Thames and Hudson Lt London. 99.00.A first book on M.C. Escher appeared after the large retrospecti, exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague that marked his seventie birthday. This new volume, translated from the Dutch, completes the picture ai( contains a catalogue of his works. It gives an account of his life and work and provid the first English translation of his own essay 'The Regular Division of the Plane'. T Dutchman M.C.Escher was born in 1898, lived in various European countries, ai died at Hilversum in 1972. His fame spread rapidly for the very simple reason that 1 work held a fascination of its own which it exerted not only on artists but mathematicians and on all who are interested in paradox and illusion. 'I cann refrain,' said Escher, 'from demonstrating the nonsensicalness of some of what take to be irrefutable certainties. It is, for example, a pleasure deliberately to rr. together objects of two and of three dimensions, surface and spatial relationships, ai. to make fun of gravity.' His work therefore abounds in stairways of which nobody c$ tell whether they are going up or down, of hands drawing each other, of schools 1 positive fish that suddenly turn into negative geese, of mind-boggling Moebius ban and other things that are not what they seem. He is a kind of Magritte, except that mystery has nothing uncanny about it; in fact, he states very clearly: 'I try in my prir1 to testify that we live in a beautiful and orderly world, not in a chaos without norn j even though that is how it sometimes appears.' He is accordingly not trying disquiet us, but to make us think, and he has succeeded so brilliantly in his endeavc! that this fairly exhaustive book about his life and achievement is justified and valual and is likely to find many grateful readers, sm Graphics in Motion. From the Special Effects Film to Holographies. By fohn Halas. 2 X pages with 492 illustrations, 191 of them in full colour. Text in English and German. Si v 19x29 cm. Soft cover. Published by Bruckmann, Munich. DM 92,-. - The internatiot development of animation in graphic design is the subject of this volume. It stai with the animated film, discusses TV, video and computer graphics and finishes wi laser technology and holographies. The author is an expert in this field and his detail* comments on each chapter are followed by numerous illustrations. A useful handboe on the art of film animation for everybody involved with visual media, hj 90

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