PRESSING IN GLASS Apart from the manufacture of architectural glass mouldings we are also the makers of many types of structural glass and of several speciaUties for the Building Trade for each of which separate booklets are available7 The REEDED series of figured rolled glasses. GLASS SILK (Euphon Quilt) for sound deadening. CALOREX heat-absorbing glass. CHANCE BROTHERS CO. LTD., Glass Works, Smethwick, Birmingham This photograph shows a stage in the manufacture of a semi-circular light ing fitting. The white hot "metal" is falling from the "gatherer's" rod into the body of the mould prior to pressing. The mould operator stops the flow with his shears when sufficient "metal" has been introduced. The plunger or positive part of the mould is then forced downwards and is not removed until the cooling metal is suffi ciently set to retain its new shape. Finally, the article is tipped out and borne away for annealing. Great accuracy and pre cision are necessary for a good pressing. Reeded, Gross-Reeded, Broad Reeded and Chevron Reeded. These glasses composed of plain straight lines, either vertical or horizontal, were designed to clean architecture. They are highly translucent and easy This most efficient absorbent of sound cannot deteriorate with age does not attract moisture nor harbour insects or vermin and yet can be'easily handled and applied. Cuts out 80 per cent, of the sun's heat and gives cool, comfortable conditions in the warmest weather. London Offices CLUTHA HOUSE, PRINCES STREET, WESTMINSTER

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