KEEP TO THE POINT ★RELIEF Nib FOUNTAIN PEN It's the you write with! n f A r "T" A ^X" is the new binding on /U I /IX £ne sp/rox principle, but with the striking addition of colour, it is composed of a flexible, prcctically unbreakable plastic, with a choice of six coloursred, blue, yellow, green, black, opaque white, and a transparent form. P I AC T A y gives you something NEW in eye-attraction for advertising matter. It is the novelty finish for booklet, brochure, maga zine, house organ, sample book, or any production where a striking appearance is essential. JAMES BURN CO. LTD. THREE STYLES QfY/o of people habitually write with an oblique or stub nib—and like 'V/ the real "Relief" Nib best of all. Hence a "Relief" Fountain Pen is bound to please. No other nib glides over the paper with that delightfully smooth action which eliminates all the hard work of hand writing. Made in a range of artistic colours, fully guaranteed and non- inflammable. THE 'SPlRAX BINDING IN A NEW COLOUR FORM One of the great advantages of the Spirax principle in binding, which belongs equally to the new PLASTAX form, is that it tempts the reader to open the pages. They fall open so easilythe open back allows a glimpse of colour which arouses curiositythe double spread opens absolutely flat wherever a finger is inserted. X Write to-day for complete details of this new Colour Binding, with a specimen. Use it in your next production. 12. 13. 14. Kirby Street. LONDON, E.C.I r THE ONLY FOUNTAIN PEN FITTED WITH THE FAMOUS RELIEF NIB IN GOLD. Extra Large Model 30/-. Gift Sets 12/6,20/-.28/6.37/6 OBTAINABLE AT ALL STATIONERS, STORES BOOKSELLERS RELIE TRADE MARK

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