Further reduction of air resistance was achieved by the skirting of aluminium sheets from the running board downwards at the front. Concealed behind the contour of the cowling, closed by a panel rotating on fixed pivots, are the coupler, brake and signal hose connection. The first can be swung back when not in use, while the others are dropped into place behind. By removing a few bolts the long panels of each skirt can be completely detached, and doors are provided in the skirting itself for lubrication. The smoke lifting device presents particularly interest ing features. The cowling on the top of the boiler smoke box enclosed a space of considerable size behind the smoke stack and on either side of it. This was closed at the top by a horizontal plane, flush with the top of the stack, and extending a little beyond the cowling at the front and sides. Below, rising back slightly to blend with the contour of the cab roof, was placed another plane. The space 181 between each of these planes and the underside of the A close-up view of the ferry boat, taken from the quay.

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