JHL "J RAYMOND McGRATH IS THE COMPLEMENT OF STRUCTURE. If the business of structure is to support, enclose and secure, the business of glass is to allow it to do this without sacrificing natural light and visual access to the world outside. To speak of structural glass is therefore misleading. Glass is one of the most versatile building materials and is strong, hard and durable, but its nature is not such that it will yield gracefully to the strains which structural work is subject to. The extensive use of glass in present-day building has led to general reference to "structural glass," especially where the employment of glass bricks and lenses suggests that they fulfil the purposeof ordinary bricks. What has really happened is that the refinement of structural work has per mitted a corresponding increase in the surface available for glazing in one form or another. W. R. Lethaby, speaking of Gothic Architecture, said: "The conception of a building as made up of B. ARCH., A.R.I.B.A. (I) Detail of construction of a private house in Paris, designed by Pierre Chareau. Warm air circulates in the cavity glass walls, which form an insulating envelope.

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