C 1 k O o ,0. A A r o 2 m ODHAMS PRESS LTD., LONG ACRE, LONDON, W.C.2 X ABOVE is a reproduction of the mural hy Frank Brangwyn, R.AV which has keen placed in the new entrance hall at the Head Offices of /Messrs. Odhams Press Limited, in Long Acre. The significance which this great work will have to the many who will pause to study and admire it, lies even deeper than the suhj'ect which it portrays or the mastery with which it has keen presented. The commissioning of a work hy one of the greatest artists of our time, for one of the greatest puhlishing houses in the world, represents in itself a supreme alliance hetween Art and Industrya typical manU festation of that spirit of progress which has always animated the house of //Odhams//. A

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