the lewis chessmen [Copyright Photograph, The British Museum) NOTABLE CHESS PLAYERS charles xii, who consoled himself with chess after his defeat at Pultowa. Turkish bullets took a hand in his famous game with Christian Albert Grothusen, and removed first his white knight, after which he prom ised to win in 3 moves; then his white pawn, after which he managed to win in 5 moves. the emperor napoleon bonaparte, a Con stant but not very strong chess player. The greatest strategist on the battle-fields of Europe was not a genius of the Board, per haps because here Timehis most trusted allycould not be brought into play. benjamin franklin, whose earliest games of chess were played for the privilege of setting Italian exercises. His are the first recorded games of chess in U.S.A. and his love of the game was utilized, through his friendship with Governor Lowe's wife, to further diplomatic manoeuvres. He was one of those who played with the famous fraud, the Automatum chess player, in Paris. The World's Chess Champion, alekhine, playing an exhibition game in a Paris cafe, against 80 players.

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