CHARACTERISTICS OF TWO ITALIAN SCHOOLS OF INDUSTRIAL ART Umanitaria Professional School of Milan High School of Industrial Art at Monza taria of Milan and the Instutuo Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche at the Villa Reale at Monza well deserve to be called model schools," and are recog nized as such not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe. Such schools, of which the one is closely connected with the other in the successive steps of study, cover a complete course in every aspect with an accompanying education which is in the vanguard, whether in technical problems or in the cultivation of taste, obtaining results which we can call perfect, not only from those who obtain entrance as pupils of a scholastic institution, but workers already perfect in the practice of every day or artists already introduced to their profession. The photographs which we reproduce provide a convincing illustration. What are the principles which characterize the system Discipline, selection, professional supervision, search for quality and aptitude, daily and interdependent programmes, personal instruction by proved com- Two schools of Industrial Ail in Italy, where directors, leachers and pupils all belong In the Fascist regime are described in the following article and examples of the work at both schools are given. M THE SCUOLE PROFESSIONALI DELLA SOCIETA UMANI- UMANiTAiiiA school. Silver and Engraving Department. A vase in hammered and engraved silver. Subject: the victory of the Battle of Grain. Given to S. E. Benito Mussolini 215

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