FAMCIULII D ITALIA DTD 1 r MAHD1 r 1 WrEmW* m m lfl#%lrlfl mm I lOO.OOO ASSISTITI 1.0 O O.O O O EROGAZIONI petent teachers. The discipline is obtained without undue pressure, and for the rest, the new generation accepts and conforms with a consciousness of what it owes to its self-respect, favouring the atmosphere of activity created by the Regime. The directors, in fact, the teachers and the pupils, all belong to the Fascist organization. Moreover, all the series of activities turn to the favour of these young people seeking mani- 215 fold forms of assistance direct and indirect, of care and attention. The Umanitaria comprises different grades of schools; the Primary Professional School, in which the young people enrol at the age of eleven years, where after elementary instruction they remain for three years the course of apprenticeship of the duration of two years, attended by the graduates of the primary um ANiTAiu a school. The Library Department. Bookbinding course. Various types of bindings umanitaria school. fVometi's Department. Embroidered work umanitaria school. Cabinet making Department. Furniture for the kitchen. Lacquered exterior, covered inside with linoleum senior school oe industrial art, villa reale di monza. Poster calling for national support for maternity and child welfare

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