press advertising. They are approached in too direct a manner. But spread out a clever ambush for them and they will be delighted to fall into it; they are pleased with the man who takes their money by amusing them. Publicity, along with the journalism of the daily paper, is a world where the greatest possible novelty is de manded. Some people may deplore that so much in genuity should be expended on matters which are only ephemeral in their nature. But what is the good of 229 arguing about the fundamental values of such pheno- Living under a bridge saves rent, but it's rather draughty. Trailer tes maladies par le mepris, belles economies de medecin et de pharmacien, v mais gare aux consequences En effet, toute economie a son revers, sauf de porter des chaussures munies de semelles et de talons en Compost Wood-Milne; cette economie-la n'offre que des avantages. Elle se traduitd'une part par la quasi-suppres- sion des depenses de ressemelages, car les Wood-Milne durent trois fois plus que le meilleur cuir, et d'autre part elle entraine une action salutaire sur le systeme nerveuxon marche sur le velours. Exigez toujours de votre fournisseur de veritables talons et semelles en Compost Wood-Milne, toute substitution vous ferait moins d'usage. Societe des Talons Wood-Milne, 103, Avenue Parmentier, Paris. Usine d Rueil (Seine-et-Oise). Fabrication Francaise. SEMELLES Et TALONS EN CAOUTCHOUC What economies you could make on dress by going about nude, but what colds you'd get! (And any way it's not allowed. A free translation of the above advertisement To pay no attention to your illnesses is certainly a great saving of doctors' fees and chemists' bills, but look out for the consequences! In fact every economy has its drawbacksexcept that of fitting WOOD MILNE rubbers to your shoes. That economy has nothing but advantages for you. On the one hand it cuts down expenses because Wood Milne soles last three times as long as the finest leather, and on the other hand it actually benefits your health by saving the wear and tear on your nerves; on Wood Milne you walk on velvet. Always ask your shoe repairer to fit genuine Wood Milne rubbers on your shoes. No imitation lasts half as long. It is a great saving, of course, to get your food at the point of the sword, but it has a few drawbacks all the same.

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