PRACTICAL FURNITURE ROYAL COPENHAGEN PORCELAIN FACTS ABOUT PLYMAX "PLYMAX" IS THE REGISTERED TRADEMARK USED BY VENESTA Limited as a trade name for plywood boards covered on one side or both sides with metal. The metal generally used is galvanised steel, but copper, aluminium, bronze, stainless steel and other metals are also used. This bonded material is said to be about sixty times as rigid as sheet steel of the same weight. Double-sided Plymax is not affected by changes of humidity and remains flat over a wide range of temperatures. Venesta Limited have just produced a book in which the properties of this material, methods of working, comparative costs, are clearly explained, and almost every question the designer or architect would ask is answered in advance. A large number of illustrations show the purposes to which Plymax has been success fully put. The address of Venesta Limited is Vintry House, Queen Street Place, London, E.C.4. TWENTIETH CENTURY PROBLEMS IN PRINT THE "MONOTYPE RECORDER" HAS BEEN RUNNING A SERIES OF articles under the general title "Twentieth Centur}' Problems in Print," which has dealt in turn with the Time-table, the Menu, and other special "problem pieces." In the current number the book of verse is examined from the same functionalistic point of view that was used for the railway time-table; but in order to test its fitness for purpose Mr. Paul Beaujon, the author, examines the essential differences between prose and verse in terms which are as challenging to the general reader as they are to the printer. The article ends with a set of original verses composed to illustrate points of style such as the use of various standard word-spacings. This is the annual book number of the Recorder, which always includes a cross-index of the fifty books of the year chosen by the Eirst Edition Club. This year's fifty contain only two that were not set in "Monotype" faces. The leading article is entitled "The 16',6'78 Books of 1.935," and concentrates on relating all the best effects of book production to the standards of the ordinary book, to show what general improvement is taking place. Publishers usually design their own publicity, and a collection of such literature is as interesting and varied as any typographic scrap-book could be. From a large collection in this field the editor of the Monotype Recorder has "deduced some principles" in an illustrated article which pays tribute to the "publisher's produc tion man" as a person who, amongst many other jobs, often has to write and lay out a difficult "composite advertisement" in the time it might take an Agency group to argue over the punctuation of a headline. CHAIN DRIVES THE TWO LATEST BOOKLETS ISSUED BY THE REYNOLD AND Coventry Chain Co., Ltd., Didsbury, Manchester, are concerned with Chain Drives in the papermaking and printing industries. National Physical Laboratory tests show that Reynold Chain Drives deliver 98| per cent, of the power transmitted. These booklets are well illustrated and the information is given with an economy of words. HULL MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF PRINTING PRINTING IS A CRAFT WHICH ENTHUSES THOSE WHO FOLLOW IT AND the pride taken by various printing schools in their Year Books displays the zest of the students. We have just received the specimen book of work done at Hull Municipal Technical College School of Printing, and a very interesting time we have had in examining it. First to be remarked is the excellence of the machine work. The section of half-tone and three-colour printing is at least equal to the work of any printing school in the country. The only blemish is the choice of two half-tone blocks of grouped photographs AN INTERESTING TREATMENT OF A SMALL DINING ROOM INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED FURNITURE BY 149 SLOANE STREET, LONDON, S.W.I SLOANE 4152-JOHN AND SHELAGH BUTLER Moses with the Serpent In Sang de Bosuf Height 27J ins. A Striking model by JAIS NIELSEN Price £60 Visit our galleries at 6 OLD BOND STREET, LONDON, W.I

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