ADVERTISING By XANTI SCHAWINSKI 233 eye is a formal medium of understanding between pro ducer and consumer. It is at the service of all that is new, whether in the realm of ideas (as propaganda), or in the sphere of commerce (as advertising) and its task is not only to enlighten, to inform and to transmit new conceptions to the public in an effective formbut also to conquer them, to convince them, even to carry them away. No means can be too uncommon to be put to these uses. The gigantic may as easily lead to the desired end as the exquisitely miniature, monotony as well as variability may serve the purpose, the bright richness or the delicate pallor of the colour scheme the never-ending procession in quick march step com pels the propagandist to throw the conventional to the winds, that he may spread the wings of his spirit unen cumbered by ballast. What is his inner participation in such "art"? He must accept it in his heart, that is a necessary preliminary. Only one who stands firmly rooted in the midst of all that goes on around him has the right to tread the other-world of intellectual order. Elementary study of matter and of organic effects and causes is as insepar able from creative achievement as soul and body. This symbiosis is a further preliminary of free creation, based upon which the imagination has greater oppor tunities of free expansion. The advertiser is daily forced by the necessity of pene trating the specialism of modern technics and building pontoon bridges to the necessities of life. Just as our era of technical progress and fearless thought is imbued with a new spirit, so advertising also has something to gain; its means of expression have been clarified and refined. The advertiser turns to technics instead of to mysticismto the precise instead of to the monu mentalto realism instead of symbolismto the logical instead of the flamboyant and pretentiousto the functional instead of to ornamentto the docu mentary instead of the theatrical. To-day we confront the finished "style," the mechanical "manner" with something else which is the pure spiritual expression of a fearless exploration of the depthsof trying to learn the nature of things, analysing, basing the new upon an elementary foundationof discontent with the ready-to-hand and the mere imitation of outward form so that earnest research and playful experiment com bine to create the new face of advertising. The new field of thought opened up by psycho-analysis and the expansive spatial tensions of abstract painting have given large new impulses to advertising. The means of expression have been almost unthinkably enriched by technical discoveries. The fruitful colla boration of technics with the composition of form has PRINCIPAL! CARATTERISTICHE OELLA OLIVETTI M 40 MACCHINA APERTA aggiunge ai pregi ca ra tt e nstic i dpi tip a minima NITIDEZZA D! SCRITTURA ilhne qua VELDCITA pari a qunlla delta macchine piu celen e di gr TQCCD di estrcma dalcezza a pIrte!!ainenle unitorme si central! che per i laterali MARG1NATORI AUTOMATICI di viBsimo originate saaza precedent) Dal campo delU teenies de per scnvere TABULATO.RE DEC1MALE AUT0HAT1C0 cim RE Li. I 1NTERE AM8IAB ILi a mane- con la massima lecilitl in p INVERBIONE AUTDMATICA DEL NASTRO con eguale d.olce npesta- CAR 16 TIPI DI CARATTERE PER LA VOSTRA SCELTA Nessuna macehina ai mondo pud compelere con la M. 40 Olivetti quanto a nitidezza di scrittura. mcisione perielta di matrici per duplicators numero e ieggibilita di copie (fine a IS copie leggibili) ADVERTISING WHICH APPEALS EFFECTIVELY TO THE

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