Modern printed matter can now be planned to ensure brilliantly effective work with out any risk of incurring undue delay or unnecessary cost. There is no longer any extravagance in obtaining brand new type for every setting. Complicated settings no longer demand makeshift, and the finest faces are within the easy grasp of every printer who is equipped with 9-9 COMPOSING AND CASTING MACHINES New "MONOTYPE" faces are always hot news and our News Letter is sent gratis to regular Users of Print who apply through their printers. It shows latest additions to the world-famous repertory of type faces available to users of "MONOTYPE" machines, including book, publicity, and exotic faces, borders in great variety, rules, etc., etc. THE PICTURE SHOWS A "MONOTYPE" MACHINE AUTOMATICALLY CASTING SINGLE TYPES AND SPACES AND COMPOSING THEM IN EVENLY JUSTI FIED LINES WHICH CAN BE CORRECTED LETTER BY LETTER. "MONOTYPE Registered Trade Mark MONOTYPE THE MONOTYPE CORPORATION LIMITED Registered Office: 43 Fetter Lane, London, E.C.4 Phone: Central 9224 Works: Redhill, Surrey OVERSEAS BRANCHES-INDIA: 27/5 Waterloo Street, Calcutta. CHINA: 17 The Bund, Shanghai. AUSTRALIA: 319 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, N.S.W. SOUTH AFRICA: Monotype Machinery (S.A.) Ltd., 6 and 7 Boston House, Strand Street, Cape Town. NEW ZEALAND: C. J. Morrison (Representative), 210 Madras Street. Christchurch.

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