We cannot set about inventing an entirely new form of type, as this would have to be in harmony with a radical reorganization of the language. We must remain true to our basic letter-forms, and try to develop them further. Classic Roman type, the original form of all historical variations of type, must still be our start ing point. All the variations of shape have been formed freely according to the style and the caligraphy of the type designer, and it is just this freedom which has been responsible for so many mistakes. Geometry, however, gives us the most exact forms. Albrecht Diirer's endeavours to resolve both the Roman and the German Gothic type into their constructive basic elements, unfortunately were never carried beyond their experimental stage. The Bayer-Type recently produced by the Berthold Type Foundry represents a practical attempt to give a modern expression to classical Roman type by means of geometrical construc tion of form. 240 Present uncon- structional forms of the letter "a" Bayer Type lower case "g" Example of constructional form of letter A. [Bayer Type)

Industrial Arts en | 1936 | | page 80