A tremendous amount of reading is done to-day and there should be no difficulties put in the way of the reader. Some things have to be read from afar, and letters must be visible from considerable distances. It is not without reason that oculists use modern Sans type when testing the state of the patient's eyesight. Much has been written about the legibility of type. Oculists can offer no definite proofs, because their experiments are influenced by habits to which patients are accustomed. For example, it is found that old people with bad eyesight often read complicated Gothic type more easily than clear Roman type, because they are used to the former. But from research, however, it has been concluded that the more the individual letters resemble one another in shape, the less visible is the type. 241 This conclusion may be wrong, as it would be easy to find type-faces in which the individual letters differ very widely from one another, if that be the only consideration. And then where shall we look for harmon}' of form and the fundamental constructional form of our types Other research has established that whole groups of lettersnot single letters, but words-are taken in by the eye at one glance. If we carried this conclusion to its logical end we should have optical word pictures (similar to Chinese signs) and no type with separate letters. Personally, I believe in the following logical concep tion: the simpler the shape of the letter, the easier is the type to see, read, and learn. Pairs of Old Style letters superimposed Which of these two letters can you recognize more easily from a distance Which of these two letters can you draw by heart without difficulty

Industrial Arts en | 1936 | | page 81