11 Beautiful BRUCE STRIP OAK FLOORING WEDGWOOD apparently taken from some firm's house organ. This kind of "art work" ought to be strongly discouraged. An interesting feature is to add the students' names to the pieces of display composition that they have done. Beyond this there is little to be said. The "Leicester School" unfortunately dominates most of the teaching of typography in this country, and until this crippling yoke is thrown off, real progress is impossible. BRITAIN AT THE PARIS EXHIBITION, 1937 Representative Display at Next Year's Exhibition his majesty's government in the united kingdom has accepted the invitation of the French Government to take part in the International Exhibition to be held in Paris from April to October, 1937 under the title, "Exposition Internationale de Paris 1937Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne" International ExhibitionArts and Crafts in Modern Life). In accordance with the provisions laid down by the International Convention signed at Paris in 1928 relating to International exhibitions, the Exhibition will be one "de deuxieme categoric" The Govern ments of 41 other countries will also be represented. The Council for Art and Industry, at the invitation of the Govern ment, will be responsible for the decoration of the United Kingdom Pavilion and for the selection of the exhibits and their display. Mr. Oliver Hill, E.R.I.B.A., has been appointed architect, and the Council have set up a General Committee with special sub committees to deal with Display, and with the following sections: Agricultural Exhibits and Rural Industries; Books, Printing and Illustrations; Dress; Furniture; Leather and Sports Goods; Plastics; Pottery and Glass; Silver; and Textiles. The following is the composition of the various committees: General Committee: Mr. E. R. Eddison, C.B., C.M.C. (Chairman), Sir William Crawford, K.B.E., Mr. Oliver Hill, F.R.I.B.A., Mr. Geoffrey Holme, M.B.E., Mr. J. H. Jones, O.B.E., Mr. Claude Taylor, C.V.O., O.B.E., Mr. Charles Tennyson, C.M.G., Major A. A. Longden, D.S.O., O.B.E. (Secretary). Luplay Sub-CcmmitteeMr. Cliver Hill, F.R.I.B.A. (Chtirman), Miss Martha ETarris, Mr. Ashky Havinden, Mr. Geoffrey Holme, M.B.E., Mr. Hayes Marshall. Selection Sub-Committees (1) Agricultural Exhibits Rural Industries: Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith, G.C.B. (Chairman), Miss Bruce, Mr. J. M. Caie, Mr. G. E. Marston, Mr. J. W. Peck, C.B., Mr. A. G. Roberts, Mr. D. Sharpe, Mr. Christopher Tumor, J.P. (2) Books, Printing Illustrations: Mr. F. V. Burridge, O.B.E.R.E., A.R.C.A. (Chairman), Mr. Noel Carrington, Mr. W. A. R. Collins, Mr. W. Gaunt, Mr. M. Hardie, C.B.E., Mr. Ashley Havinden, Mr. Paul Nash, Mr. A. D. Rutherston, A.R.W.S., Mr. A. J. A. Symons, Mr. J. Wilson. (3) Dress: Lady Chamberlain, G.B.E. (Chairman), Mr. Samuel Courtauld, Ll.D., Lady Earle, Mr. Frank J. Farrell, M.Sc., J.P., Miss Martha Harris, Mr. James Laver, Mr. Thos. Munro, C.B.E., Miss Joyce Reynolds, Mr. Henry Rogers, Mrs. Alison Settle, Mr. Victor Stiebel. (4) Furniture: Mr. Maxwell Ayrton, F.R.I.B.A., Mr. Oliver Hill, F.R.I.B.A., Mr. Geoffrey Holme, M.B.E. (5) Leather and Sports Goods: Mr. W. L. Stephenson (Chairman), Mr. K. H. Bishop, Mr. Bernard Darwin, Mr. A. S. Ellis, Mr. H. Hylton Foster, Sir F. J. Marquis, J.P., The Master of Polwarth, D.L., J.P., Mr. Charles Tennyson, C.M.G., Mr. J. W. Waterer, Mr. Harry Wells. (6) Plastics: Mr. R. Hugh Roberts (Chairman), Mr. A. E. Hodgkin, Mr. A. S. Hoskin, Mr. Raymond McGrath, F.R.I.B.A., Mr. W. M. C. Norie, Mr. Geoffrey Holme, M.B.E. (7) Pottery and Glass: Mr. Ronald Copeland, J.P. (Chairman), Mr. F. V. Burridge, O.B.E., R.E., A.R.C.A., Mr. Cyril Carter, Mr. W. B. Dalton, A.R.C.A., Mr. Gordon M. Forsyth, R.I., A.R.C.A., Mr. W. B. Honey, Mr. Keith Murray, Mr. Geoffrey Pilkington, Mr. H. Trethowan, Mr. Josiah Wedgwood. (8) Silver: Mr. C. L. Stocks, C.B. (Chairman), Mr. Geoffrey Holme, M.B.E., Mr. G. R. Hughes, Mr. M. G. Murphy, Mr. Harold Stabler, Mr. A. D. Wakely. (9) Textiles: Sir Thomas D. Barlow, K.B.E. (Chairman), Mr. E. J. Archer, Mr. G. Fleming Brown, Mr. J. O. M. Clark, Mr. Samuel Courtauld, Ll.D., Mr. E. W. Goodale, Mr. Geoffrey Holme, M.B.E., Mr. A. W. Hunt, Mr. McKnight Kauffer, Mr. Christopher Lee,Mr. Hayes Marshall, Mr. Thow Munro, C.B.E., Mr. W. B. Robertson, Mr. A. G. Webb. Mr. Frank Pick, as Chairman of the Council for Art and Industry, and Mr. Oliver Hill, as Architect, are members of all committees; and Major A. A. Longden, Secretary of the General Committee, is also a member of all other committees. Bruce Oak Flooring is supplied in random lengths from 2 ft. to 16 ft. long. Each piece is tongued and grooved on sides and ends. Can be laid on existing floor or on joists with little or no disturbance. J. C. POOLE, European Director, I, GREAT WINCHESTER ST., E.C.2. L. BRUCE Co., are the largest manufacturers of Hardwood Flooring in the world. Plan your Floors this way..... Examine a room which will lend itself best to a lovely Bruce Oak Floor. Then picture how beautifully your furniture will blend with its perfectly smooth and evenly matched surface, and the tone which will harmonize with your decorative scheme. After wards consider the economy, labour-saving and usefulness of Bruce Strip Oak Flooring. Finally write for the name and address of your nearest Agent, who will supply you with quota tions and full details. THE "Star" pattern (L.291) on fine china, was designed by Miss C. S. Wedgwood. The stars are in white touched with gold on a Jubilee blue background. A coffee set for six persons costs £2-14-0. For illustrations and list of shops supplying Wedgwood, write to Josiah Wedgwood Sons, Ltd.. Etruria, 19, Stoke - on - Trent. A LIVINC TRADITION

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