ANDGOOD LIVING CHAMPAGNE UM% Luxury in Advertising BROCHURES 5? - a-** a a a 3» SAGE GAIETE FR ANCA JSE 96 ujinE A Magazine Devoted to the Art of Hosp^alify and the Enjoyment of Leisure MARCH 25 CENTS; At left, a cover design by Boris Artzybasheff printed in two shades of red and powerful in design. Below The most luxurious aspect of advertis inga brochure whose edition is limited to a thousand copies. Spiral metal binding, design by Paul Iribe, a surrealist design of text, make it noteworthy. The subject is Cham pagne," the producers Draeger Frères. P«rar«c ajNtiM l-mrhr l-~, ita.bnr pril uo livra d"a llarnn pi,-in di- in rumyvnnu lcipii-1 türn dl- pin», r,-|niuHlt Ha,bun, car Trindt uii mm n'lrlitr t nuprui. I.r mn tot ihtunpemH |"i*.f-li le puavoir iliu in ce qui r.t iiuurlt uur la pari.' dn l<-iiiple, vw. av«t pt t ufrndri ijiie Jam tin la viriii lepwt II impartible. tin (Vntajiiwl. rl.- mien* parln qnt- «sur vi-nnralilr ponlifr, Trinth!... .hm.- he >r nlnvc- liovant inter «C «5 4 «I 4 «r K a t Jf* Jfit

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 102