AULTtWlBORG JOHN EVERARD IN AN AGE OF ACHIEVEMENT. IDEAL" INKS I f "IDEAL" ROLLERS On pages 67, 71, 72, 86 there will be found Examples of the work of CHARLES BARKER AND SONS LTD. Advertising Agents INVITES YOU TO INSPECT HIS ORIGINAL COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS have captured supreme prestige in the world of BETTER PRINT working smoothly and cleanly- giving perfect performance. Used in conjunction with proved best by every test—they achieve record runs. AT NUMBER ELEVEN ORANGE STREET HAYMARKET LONDON W i MAKERS OF wIDEAL"lNK AND "IDEAL" ROLLERS -• w Established 1812 31 BUDGE ROW, LONDON, E C 4 Phone: City 1133 X PHOTOGRAPHER FOR ADVERTISERS 7, »w/// vvv///, vVvy/.' «.w///. vVv///.r* ft -»> vbv V/ywi* VyirvfS* V/iOW v»> T. -DP tJLS Phone: Whitehall 1184 If you are looking for just this kind of serviceyou'll want to knowIdeal Ink samples and particulars gladly forwarded on request. L I M I T E. D TELEPHONE PUTNEY 2610 (4 Lines) STANDEN ROAD, SOUTHFIELDS, LONDON,S.W.18 IX

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 143