COLOUR ADVERTISING THE STUDIO in by JOSEPH BINDER LONDON and NEW YORK THIRTY ILLUSTRATIONS IN COLOUR 15s. net I li x 9h Bound in Cloth LIMITED THIS book gives the HOW, WHERE and WHEN of Colour Appeal in Advertising. It shows how the whole of an advertiser's products and propaganda can be made to exert an irresistible appeal. The illustrations include examples of effective colour display, showing the under lying principles an imaginary colour campaign designed by Herr Binder himself, the method of which the advertiser can apply to his own products and a series of poster, booklet and other designs chosen from among the best work of the present day, each accompanied by an explanatory comment. The author is one of the most famous designers for publicity in the world. He is one of the teachers who have brought students of advertising flocking to Vienna from every other centre to equip themselves for their work. Thé right use of colour is no more costly than its indiscriminate use. On the contrary it is more economical, as Herr Binder demonstrates both in his text and by reference to the colour plates with which the book is illustrated throughout.

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 147