Typical and picturesque EVERY TYPE OF ART EVERY PHASE OF NATURE Travel EXUBERAHT AND DELIGHTFUL POSTERS 29 PAIM Free information. PATRONATO NACIONAL DEL TU- RISMO (Spanish State Tourist Department). Madrid, Medinaceli, 2; Paris, 12 Boulevard de la Madeleine. Information and ticketsin all tourist agencies Two emphatic points in these interesting posters are the force of the lettering and the happy choice of phrase. The sug gestion of variety both in nature and art is very well conveyed and practical in formation is given without losing any breadth of general effect. They were both produced by the Patronato Nacional del Turismo of Spain to appeal to English-speaking peoples the artists being S. Gall and Carlos Sainz de Tejada respectively. Gouache and tempera were the media used by the artists. Free information: PATRONATO NACIONAL DEL TURISMO (Spanish State Tourist Department) Madrid: Medinaceli. 2; Paris: 12, Boulevard de la Madeleine. Information and tickets: in all tourist agencies.

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