O 5 T E R R EI H I 5 C H E 5 KIM E15TE R 5 C H A FT Action and repose in simplified design POSTERS Hanns Wagula is famous in Austria for his posters of Austrian landscape and the exciting atmosphere which they create. His Styrian poster was executed for the Association of Tour ist Traffic in Styria with the object of encouraging visitors to that province. It was posted in Austrian tourist offices and in railway stations. Litho-offset in nine colours was used in printing it, the colours being sky, light blue moun tains, palest to darkest green. The lettering is in light green on dark green. Size 95 x 63 cms. The other poster ad vertises the Austrian Ski-ing Champion ship in February and was executed for the Carinthian and East T yrolese Ski-ingClub. The figure is in orange grading to dark brown, sky in mala chite green and letter ing in orange. Six printings by litho- offset. Size 100 x 70 cms.

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 40