PYRAMID HANDKERCHIEFS POSTERS 49 Dancing- in the wash-tub Such a jolly lot Not afraid of water No matter how hot The big ones lor lather The small ones lor Jane Soft, gay and beautilul All clean again A 16-sheet poster, somewhat too closely resembling a press ad vertisement to have full poster value, though the washable na ture of the handkerchiefs is conveyed. The typography (appropriately to the "Pyramid" brand) is an Egyptian face. Ashley is the artist and the poster was produced for Tootal Broadhurst Lee Company Ltd. A Tootal product. Men's size [6id 9(1 womens 5d] The appeal here is to the boy, and though the school-bell is ringing the scholar in the poster has an air of content for which no further explanation is needed than the name beneath. An amusing poster by Otis Shepherd SH6PAR0

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 55