1,000 MILE RACE LUBRICATION MPs Reminiscence and Achievement AND PETROL BY SHBI.I. PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS REMEMBER 'WAY BACK WHEN-? your horn couldn't be heard around a hay-wagon a Today, Klaxon's commanding note cuts through all traffic roar. 61 The achievement of the present is brought home by a comparison with the past. An advertisement produced by the Campbell-Ewald Company for the electric Klaxon of the Delco-Remy Corporation. Drawing by Harold Flucke. WON AT RECORD SPE] 1st VARZI (ALFA-ROMEOI Is» TARUFFI (MASERATI) iiooccCLass (Subject to official confirmation) USE BOTH IN YOUR CAR DELCO-REMY CORPORATION, ANDERSON, INDIANA A very impressive drawing by Zero (Hans Schleger) a German artist now working in London, lends force to the message. Pro duced by the Regent Adver tising Service for Shell-Mex B.P. Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 67