IS 'WELL- ISN'T THAT JUST \r~;»r vou ?r PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS IF ONLY SHE'D KNOWN BEFORE TOOTAL CREASE-RESISTING FABRICS LUX PRESERVES THE E-L-A-S-T-l-C-l-T-Y «««.nos 66 I CAN HEAR MOTHERS REMARKS WHEN SHE ARRIVES SHE THINKS I'M SO f CARELESS-ALWAYS WEU 1 GETTING LADDERS,' /aREN'TÜ WWAT DO VOD MEAN? I CANT HELP IT tf EVERY TIME 1 BEND MY KNEE A LADDER STARTS ^WRl.MV DEAR OHSYLVIA WwaT I'M TRYING VOL) ARE TOO TO MINT IS THAT BAD TOR LOTS OF LADDERS 6C*X)NESS SAKE CAN Bf'PRtVf NTf D BE SENSIBLE J CAN'T I ,you?; SOUNDS ÜRANdU'57 »T KEEPS sylvia stockings Pitting I'LL TRY IT JrOO VOUVE NO IDEA V.. HOW THAT SLIMS ,^V' V.YOUR-»,, ANKLESj Ashley's drawing in characteristic straight lines and simple curves puts Mayfair smartness in lighter vein, deploring the appearance of a creased dress. The headline and copy are set in Luxor Bold and Light and the advertisement was produced by Paul E. Derrick for Tootal Broadhurst Lee Co. Below This is a type of advertise ment which has lately had a con siderable vogue. The principle of the strip picture being applied to an advertising story. The agents are J. Walter Thompson and the photograph is by Studio Sun. The advertisement was produced for Lever Bros. ROBIA cotton vgw TOOTAL FOULARD TOOTRESS TOOTAL CHIFFON -.yon TOUTALINE TOOTAL TAFFETA aye There s absolutely no need to wear frocks that crease so easily. You can have dresses for every'hour of the day in Tootal crease-resisting fabrics, which crush as little as costly silks and wools. Arid how little they cost in comparisonWhy you can have two or -three gowns now for the price of a single expensive satinDon't be afraid to launder them either. They wash like silk itself staunch to their charming colours and patterns true to their power to resist the -tiresome crease. They are sold by the brand names given below. Each carries the Tootal Guarantee.of satisfaction and has its own brand name on the selvedge. If any difficulty write Tootal (Dept. 00), 56 Oxford Street, Manchester. YOU SEEIfVou WASH STOCKINGS WRONGLY THE THREADS GET WORN and break easily sot there IS ONE THING THAT SAVES THE ELASTICITY OF SILK LUX1 SO MANY ladders can be pre vented. Runs dan'i start at the least strainif you use Lux always for washing your stockings. When silk or artificial silk is new experts say it has elasticity, is stretchablc live." Rubbing destroys elasticity so threads break easily. But with Lux there's no need to rub its rich lather take* dirt out gently and quickly colours and texture stay just like new. There's no soda in Lux. Your grocer or dealer sells Lux. A BIG packet costs only «d. Also in 4d and 2d sizes. Lx 1309-no a LEVER PRODUCT r I A C T I S~ I T THAT MAKes FIT AND LAST

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