Money's to nothing SAXON EXr'/SOROSiS The Story PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS you can afford a cheap toothbrush! 68 Some successful press advertisements gain their effect from a method akin to that of the editorial presentation of newsand are complete with headlines that attract or amuse by demanding an explanation which is to be found in the rest of the advertisement. This is the principle of the advertise ment produced for the Saxone Shoe Company by R. H. F. W. Bernard Ltd., with an excellent drawing by Drons- field and of the advertisement for Tek toothbrushes produced by the London Press Exchange from which we have taken the attractive drawing by Elizabeth Wall. The startling head line resolves itself into the fact that a cheap toothbrush is dear in the long run and vice versa. SHOE SHOPS SAXONE SHOE CO LTD 50 BUCHANAN STREET 143-145 SAUCHTEIIALL STREET AND 118 BUCHANAN STREET GLASGOW BRANCHES EVERYWHERE ou O 111 cn dfe SIIOC SHOPS /la where y wedded TO Til El It SHOES There was once a charming young lady who bought her bridal shoes at the wrong shop. The consequence was she went through the wedding ceremony in such agony with her feet that at the all-important question she replied I won't, so there We hasten to say that she couldn't have been a customer of ours. She certainly hadn't heard of the notice we issue to our shoemakers and fitters that they are in for serious trouble should they be party to interference with such a vital affair as the one to which we refer. By which, of course, we do not mean the the wedding of man and woman—but the wedding of men or women to their shoes. It goes without saying that the sequel to being wedded to the wrong shoes is terrible. Life together becomes more than just a farceit is a mockery and a shame There is divorce and much needless ex pense in the offing. On the other hand, what joy is yours when the ideal is foundHow glad you must be, therefore, to know that the Saxone and Sorosis shops don't just pocket the necessary fee and leave it at that. They guarantee to find you the right partner. The one you'll be happy with this evening, to-morrow and for ever and a day.

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 74