CREMMA TWININGS Refined Humour cakes 4 PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS g A tutor, while re-reading Homer, Collapsed from his chair in a coma: His wife, much distressed Said 'I think that the best Cure is bed, and some Twining's Yeroma'. 71 The distinction and refined humour of the drawings in these two advertise ments have the effect of placing the pro duct concerned in a class by itself, and suggesting that it is better to buy Cremma biscuits or Twining's tea rather than an anonymous packet of tea or dog biscuit. The Edward Lear-like drawings for Twinings are by Edward Bawden, and those for Cremma by E. S. Brown. Both were produced by Charles Barker Sons Ltd. CREMMA—THE BISCUIT WITH VITAMIN n 50 m 2 2 I H X m O c Cold nose and glossv coat depend 5 on foodTry Cremma. Fine nour- cc ishing ingredients food - value i i proved by new scientific research. FREE sample and interesting booklet on scientific tests, Dept S.D.I, John Wright (London) Ltd.) ioo Bermondsey Wall, S.E.I6 Packets 6d, I/-, 2/9 (7 lbs.). From all dealers. CREMMA THE BISCUIT WITH VITAMIN O Twining's Yeroma Tea at 2/8 per lb. is a specially selected blend. For more than two centuries Twinings have been buying and blending the finest Teas and Coffees. Tea and Coffee Specialists for 228 years 216 STRAND, W C.2 PhoneCentral 0033 (six lines) 10 William Street 72 Wigmore Street, W. 1 Knightsbridge, S. W. 1 Phone. Welbeck 4714 Phone: Sloane 3346 i

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