PlPfice BOUQUET <3m\ehXinfi (Cuwejïuqii UIUIIII ravel and the Cuisine RESS ADVERTISEMENTS rOMMARfKLOSDE'CITFALX REIMS G*h if f r fb'J f i-ii-' 1 76 «Clicquot Poxtsardii SEUL PROPR l ETAffïE k S Avi c; NY V E HG E LL I C cc cc rc r coke- «,eup s FRANCE .^ViNS D| 'ILkrri Even the names of the «real wines of France breathe an aroma of sun-drenched vineyards. Chateau Y qwm, Chamhertin IIospicas de Bfauna, I cute Cliquot. And so through the roll-call of splendid and fabulous vintages! With a ceremony prescribed by tradition (treasured even through the Cocktail Age) these wines are served, and reverentlv consumed, aboard French Line ships. The sommelierthat genial mentor, hears in the cradled bottle. The cork is drawn with a deft flourish the nectar poured with a conjurer's skill. You lift your glass, twirl it. inhale the bouquet. Then, and then only, do you salute your palate with the first, incredible sip! If the aesthetics of wine strike you as a pleasant study, con sider the delights of French Line cuisine as a supplementary research. W ho but a French chef knows four hundred and twenty ways of preparing a filet of sole? And where but in a French milieu can he do full justice to his calling? Cherish the thought of cold langoustf accompanied by Chablis 1921. Truffled capon plus Chateau La fit** 1923. W ith the crowning soufflé: a Cham pagne. demi-secto be continued after dinner. A profound and moving subject this, w itlt infinite possibilities! A our life on France- Afloat can be nothing less than Epicurean. The gracious atmosphere the perfect service English-speak ing I the space and modernity. The bouquet, in short, of informed and civilized living, i And behind all this is staunch Breton seamanship, rooted in a tradition centuries old.) Your travel agent will be glad to help you plan a French Line trip, without charge. French Line, 19 State Street, ISew York City. PARIS, February 17- Morch 17, April 7 and 28, May 19 LAFAYETTE. March 10, May 16 ILE DE FRANCE. February 3, March 24. April 14, May 5 and 26 CHAMPLAIN, February 10. March 3. April 3 and 21. May 12 DE GRASSE. February 27 This advertisement, which ran soon after the Repeal of Prohibition, was designed to emphasize the French knowledge of wines and to accentuate the French Line tradition of urbane and civilized living. The effect aimed at was to convey to the public a sense of the individual atmosphere of French Line ships produced by perfect service and the most delicious food prepared by master French chefs. It is part of a campaign produced by N. W. Ayer Son Inc., and ran in American class magazines in colour and in black and white. The layout is by Leon Karp of N. W. Ayer and the painting is by Pierre Roy, the French Surrealist. The text is set in Bodoni and the sailing dates in Cairo.

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 82