1PIKD2C C RAVEN Cigarette Advertising PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS 78 Till) BEST OF ALL SMOKES IS MADE IX SCOTLAND Scottish smokers know what's what. Their favourite cigarette is Prize Crop made in Scotland from the pick of Virginia tobacco. Prize Crop arc cool smoking and smooth in flavour. Prize Crop arc quality cigarettes made for critical smokers. The engraving-like quality of a scraper board drawing makes for effective illustration, well suited to newspaper reproduction. The advertisement for Prize Crop cigarettes was produced by the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland) Ltd., and ran in the daily Press. V I It 4.1 M A I IU A B ETTES 10 FOR id. 10 FOR P.O. Sitptv-n Mitchell Ok Sun, Branch ot The Imperial Tahaeri┬╗ Compev. (.it Great Britain He IrcUnd;, Ltd., Sr. Andrew Sqmoc, Glasgow. The photograph exhales an air of satisfaction. The snatch of dialogue drives home the special advantages of Craven A Cigarettes. The advertisement was produced by Greenly's Ltd. for Carreras Ltd. fC RAVEN WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE THE CORK TIP MAKES! Marvellous evening1 Yes, good going too Cigarette Thanks, but why the cork tip Obvious reasons. Child Well, what are they, then? Carreras the Craven "A" peopledeclared war on throat irritation and? sent the bogey skidding, without, I might add, interfering with the innocent pleasure you and I, and everyone, get from good tobacco. 100% PURE VIRGINIA CORK-TIPPED CIGARETTES IO for <WI 20 for I'-

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 84