SHIRTSi# J A-E SER JAEGER wM i EA5TER iP\[ V w&isaferfj Hti PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS v?j>rz ,n Au/V'a\ - i^SlïSOnP ■h:Ji 80 U 10 w,f»> ftu,,°° (o. ^Vr: 1 cl.,otW c c»'4'* u, i> ttr '°"ie s ór;;6l"** o, '""U" ^,v b°'t rhit "'.'«f, CO<' "'st, "°'f TH! JAEGER BOUSE 15! OXFORD STREET eONOON, »i A THERE ARE JAEGER AGENTS IN EVERT TOWN ',:vV- Nothing will attract chic women to your shop more than a display of Jaeger's new Biarritz shirts. This year there are new styles, new fabrics, new designs—as correct as they are varied. From 12'M. Come and see them soon JAEGER WEST END SHOWROOMS 9 A 10 POLLEN STREET HANOVER SQUARE LONDON W I A series of advertisements for the Jaeger Company Ltd. produced by W. S. Craw ford, Ltd. Those at left appeared in Vogue, and are noted for the delightfully original treatment of the drawings by Phyllis Richards. Futura Display, Trafton Script and Gill Sans play an effective typo graphical part. The advertisement above appeared in the trade pressthe drawing by Zero and Umbra capitals fitting well together.

Modern Publicity en | 1934 | | page 86