die I I I'll en wealthy c^lmetuam lite tuy yo TALBOT auL&ou ctt Black and White a TALBOT PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS It must be 83 t Black and white retains its value as may be seen on this page. The slight drawing for Sensation corsets by Elizabeth Wall at the top of the page is from an advertisement produced by the London Press Ex change. The Basildon Bond advertisement, designed by Ashley, is one of a series appearing in magazines and was produced by W. S. Crawford Ltd. It strikes a new note in stationery propaganda. Trafton Script was used throughout. An original border adds to the effect of sound copy in the Talbot advertisement produced by R. H. F. W. Bernard. the ha yjoul "bOhe jyit.lt tinny they yutchaie n 1 *OlVDO* See how the youthful line of the Talbot indicates speed and endurance. Take the wheel. Note how the car glides over the miles in easy stridelithe, silent, responsive. The Talbot has won laurels in reliability tests all over the world, proving itself equal to the most exacting conditions of travel. It is an economical car giving -maximum service for the minimum of attention. Prices range from <£395£795. May we send you "The Book of the Talbot" fully describing the various models? Or arrange for you a test run at your convenience {Invincible CLEMENT TALBOT LTD., Barlby Rd., Ladbrokc Grove, London, W.10 London Showroom! 1Ï Prlncci St., Hanover So.. W.I THE DISTINGUISHED NOTEPAPER ON SALE AT ALL GOOD STATIONERS

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