MENINSKY INVITATION CARDS ETC. A TRIP WITH CAPTAIN THERM I. advertiser Gas Light Coke Co. agent London Press Exchange, designer Eric Fraser. 2. advertiser Picture Hire, Ltd. producer Lund Humphries Co., Ltd., London. To catch the eye of those interested in modern art. 3. advertiser Marjorie Castle, Ltd. designer H. Schleger (Zero). Invitation to spring opening of dress shop. 4. ad vertiser Old Bleach Linen Co., Ltd., and Duncan Miller, Ltd. agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. Hand- lettering by Ashley. Same design used on card as for Press advertising. 5. advertiser Zwemmer Gallery. PRODUCER Lund Humphries Co., Ltd. Simple but distinguished art exhibition card. 6. advertiser Mary Manners, Ltd. 7. advertiser Pavilion Hotel, Scar borough. designer H. Aufseeser. producer Curwen Press. LUNCHEON JUNE 12, 1936 AT IO LOWER GROSVENOR PLACE 5.W' bitton wilt be open from. October fit to the 24th

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 108