SfffLEy H AV N p E N ER 0 M MAHtjARET E embossed sweetshop paper plate, and added jolly envelope to convey a free and easy sort of greeting. He considers such intuitive design made for purely per sonal reasons and for private circulation can exercise considerable influence on the trend of graphic design. This also is the reason for the inclusion of such work in Modern Publicity. designers: i. Ashley. Private Christmas Card. 2. Ashley for Mr. Derek Patmore. 3. Edward Wadsworth. 4. G. Geodecker, Berlin. Private Christmas Card. 5. E. McKnight Kauffer. 6. Ashley. Invitation to party given by Old Bleach Linen Co. Ltd. 7. Herbert Bayer. 9. Adapted design by G. R. Morris. 10. Ashley. Herbert Bayer bought a ready-made card, applied an

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 109