AND MUCH MORE THAI 22,000 radio programs of ei MINIMIS, ETC.—VARIOUS iog gallon Altogei vals, oak crete, s advertiser and producer The Columbia Broadcasting System, New York. advertiser. H. P. Bulmer Co. Ltd., Hereford, agent: G. S. Royd Ltd. Brochure issued to commemorate Golden Jubilee of the firm (cider manufacturers). p of 60,000 oak vats.- ther 150 k and con- store over 10 gallons. For youand for your 85,000.000 radio neighbors in the United States the Columbia Broadcasting System presents 22,000 different radio programs a year. Yet. do you know what the Columbia Broadcasting System really is? It is far more than a radio network - al though it wings its programs, day and night, over a network of 103 radio stations, reaching from coast to coast and from Canada to Honolulu the largest radio net work in the world! Columbia is a vast organization of men and women of artists and engineersof educa tors and editorsan organization of over 1.000 people whose special respon sibility it is to bring you the richest variety of programs their skill and genius can create. From almost every comer of the globe, these programs come to you in swift, smooth successionhour after hour...for sixteen hours a day...22,000 programs a year from CBS. CBS brings you ENTERTAINMENT! Yes - and much more than entertainment. F or Columbia has played a major role in developing the full power of radioin making American making your broadcasting...far greater than in any other country of the world I CBS brings you NEWS! Brings you almost 1.000 individual broadcasts a year, of news in the making of news at the very moments it is happening whether it be the inauguration of a Presi dent of the United States...or the sounds of grins in actual warfare from a far-off country. tCouHonei on following pagn

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