- -■ FUGITIVE BIBUOTHEpUE pE SV2ETTE hied* ftAUTtgfriAl i. advertiser: Peugeot Motors, designer and producer Draeger Freres. Front and inside back cover of brochure. 2. Cover design for a box of candies, by Tolmer, Paris. Embossed metallic frame and highly polished metallic centre. 3. advertiser: Antoine-Document magazine. designer Tolmer. White paper frame cut out and pasted on yellow background, advertiser Mm. Margainne Co., France. designer Draeger Freres. Cover of price list for Weiss Chocolates5Cover design for a box of candies designer Tolmer. Flowers pasted on em bossed paper, leaves stencilled. 6. advertiser Editions Gautier-Languereau. designer Tolmer.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 115