PACKS1IRIIMKS, ETC. I I I. advertiser: William Jameson Co., Inc., New York. Packaging Gold Award in All-America Package Com petition. Dignity and distinctive shape were aimed for. The unusually long capsule adds to the effect of the bottle. 2. advertiser Dental Products Laboratories, Inc., Springfield, Mass. Closures for R.7 Tooth Powder, Bronze Award in All-America Package Competition. designer Thomas A. Gross. Can by Continental Can Co. Closure by Thorn Tite Tops, Inc. 3. advertiser Pamperin Cigar Co., La Crosse, Wis. Design worked out by Thomas M. Royal Co., Philadelphia, in accordance with the manufacturer's suggestions. Pouch package, Gold Award in All-America Package Competition. Moisture- proof Cellophanewas used. Pouch type for con venience of smoker. Medallion design shows Indian peace pipe. 4. ADVERTISER and designer F. M. Schaefer Brewing Co., New York, producer American Can Co., New York. Can was given appearance of small wooden keg with red and black label as on Schaefer bottle beer. The can permits dealer to display the merchandise in his windows without adverse effects from the light. Since introduction of design volume of beer in can business has increased without affecting regular bottle business. Gold Award in All-America Package Competition.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 133