PACKSV Alt III IIS 130 advertiser All-Nu Products Co., N.J. designer Ferdinand J. Obeck. Cans redesigned for greater legibility and better display of trade name, also incorporating greater eye-pulling power with colour. Observed increase in sales 28 per cent, up over previous year. Bronze Award in All-America Package Competition. advertiser Dole Valve Co., Chicago. designer Hervey MacCowan and Stuart G. Phillips. producer Con tainer Corp. of America. Aim to provide sturdy economical containers, dominating retailers' shelves by size and brilliance. Board used for strength, brilliant inks, varnished, for poster effect. A radical departure emphati cally different from type of design previously and commonly used for such products. Silver Award in All-America Package Competition. advertiser Parker Pen Co., Janes- ville, Wis. designer Paul Ressinger. producer A. Geo. Schulz Co. Sim plicity and visibility were the aim and the new design has increased sales. Gold Award in All-America Package Competition.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 134