PACKS—FOOD DRINK 132 I. advertiser Express Dairy Co., Ltd. designer Milner Gray. Carton printed in two colours by Deaton Sons. Observed increase in sales. 2. advertiser (a) (Monk Glass) Monkhouse Glasscock, Ltd. Carton printed in three colours by Stembridge Thomson, Ltd. (b) (Kwik- Set). advertiser British Home Stores. Carton printed in two colours by Deaton Sons, designer Milner Gray. 3. advertiser Boots Pure Drug Co. designer Milner Gray. Gift boxes covered with all over pattern paper. 4. advertiser Clark's Creamed Barley, designer Milner Gray. New product named and styled by designer. Dark green bottle glass, red composition topped cork. Lead foil capsule, finished red. Labels red and black printed in offset from engraved plate by the Wherry Press, Ltd. 4

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 136