PACKSDRESS, TOILET advertiser and designer Pinaud Inc., New York. Material used, Fabrikoid. A de parture from previous packaging with good effect on sales. Bronze Award in All- America Packaging Competition. advertiser Pioneer Suspender Co., Phila delphia. designer and producer Weaver Mfg. Co. Leatherette cover, cardboard backs, moire lining suggesting the sales of two items where normally one would be pur chased. Run as a holiday item only it resulted in considerably increased volume of business for both manufacturer and retailer. The case was offered to the retailer and pur chased by him to be loaded with his own stock. Gold Award in All-America Package Competition. advertiser and designer Cannon Mills, Inc., New York. Gift box in which display value both open and closed was carefully considered. Inside arrangements to show at a glance number and size of the pieces of merchandise. Bronze Award in All-America Package Competition.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 138