DRAWING-BOARD AND DIRECTOR'S DESK Shelf APPEAL REGULARLY, Shelf APPEAL finds its way to the desks of more executives than any other paper dealing with design as applied to selling branded goods. And, of course, you'll find a file of Shelf APPEAL jealously guarded by any designer or Art Director worth his salt. Few papers are read both by the man who makes the product and by the designer whom he pays for creating the packs, displays and publicity which sell it. But, Shelf APPEALreporting both on design at home and abroad, and on business, selling and marketing developments, concerns itself exclusively with neither. And so, in the three years of its existence, it has done more to bring designer and business man together than any other paper, because it gives the business man an idea of what the designer is driving at and the designer an idea of why the business man insists on this and that being done. No designer can afford to ignore the business aspect of his job. Every month Shelf APPEAL reports crisply, candidly and critically on new work and new products, gives the business facts behind the designer's work, puts design in its proper perspective in the sales picture. Spirax bound, lavishly produced and illustrated, deals with every aspect of the packaging, presentation, display and marketing of branded goods. Owing to its high production cost, supplies to bookstalls are limited, but the subscription is one guinea a year in England and thirty shillings abroad. Single copies 2/-. Orders to the Circulation Manager,Shelf APPEAL,' Museum Station Buildings, 133-136 High Holborn, London, W.C.i. Holborn 3833. II

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 142