We know about art galleries, the hesitant shuffle from picture to picture, the return for another look at the landscape by the door. We imagine it in the board-room or opposite the window in the hall at home. Then we feel the tug of purse strings and next time someone else has gummed the red star on to the corner. Yes, we may well believe in the re-creative value of just looking round the galleries, but isn't there greater value in choosing a picture, perhaps by Laura Knight, McKnight Kauffer or Barnett Freedman, and carrying it off triumphant? This is the purpose of the poster shop. There you can see reproductions by lithography and photogravure and buy the picture you like for two shillings if it's a double royal, one shilling if it's smaller. But of course you will be equally welcome if you just call in because you are interested in posters, and books too, and want to see what London Transport is doing as a publisher of both. The poster shop is at 55 Broadway, London, S.W.i. In other words, St. James Park Station. T31c.251.37

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 145