SHUCK-MACLEAN C) i)en jh& I van I ijul ^ijp e -j ac The grace of Garamond the power of Plantin the beauty of Baskerville which shall it be Choose he never so wisely, the typographer depends for the interpretation of his skill on the compositorthe compositor, in turn, on the machine. Paper-maker, engraver, machine-maker—each plays his part, but the final result of all their efforts depends on the ink- -the medium through which their skill attains visible form. For permanence, variety of tone and consistent high quality, Shuck Maclean inks know no rival the world over. FINE PRINTING INKS SHUCK, MACLEAN CO. LTD., GUNPOWDER ALLEY, LONDON, E.C.4 VI

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 146