DO YOU COLLECT MODERN TYPOGRAPHY? BOOK BINDERS FOR PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS Qlhip®^ We don't mean expensive limited editions. We mean really exciting mass-production jobsthe re-styled P.O. forms, the new London Transport time-tables, L.N.E.R. type-standardized litera ture, the 6d. Penguin Shakespeares, etc. WE DO: because practically all these important new stylings and re-stylings are set in "MONOTYPE" type faces. You see, only "Monotype" machines set new single type with mechanical speed. THE MONOTYPE Registered Trade Mark Monotype Works: Redhill, Surrey THE SHIP BINDING WORKS 32-38 Gt. Saffron Hill, E.C.1 Hè otwiï SHOOTER La-An Prims. CORPORATION LTD OVERSEAS BRANCHES—INDIA27/5 Waterloo Street, Calcutta. CHINA: 17 The Bund, Shanghai. AUSTRALIA: 319 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 43 Fetter Lane, London N.S.W. SOUTH AFRICA: Monotype Machinery (S.A.) Ltd., 6 7 Boston T7 a pj t nno/1 House> Strand Street, Cape Town. NEW ZEALAND: C. J. Morrison v^ent. yZZ4 (Representative), 210 Madras Street, Christchurch. X

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