HASSALL-TRAm The Magic Words For Ambitious f Students baynard press The work of the artist is needed in almost every walk of life. In the Art Market there is room for every form of artistic talent In the Press, in Advertising and Publicity, in every branch of Industry, in the Home and in countless other directions there is a constant demand for trained creative Art Work. In whatever directions your own talents and in clinations may lie, your best courseyour most direct courseto SUCCESS is a John Hassall Postal Course. For, if you have even the average ability to draw, it is certain that you can Hassall-Trainthat ability to a profitable stage. The field of oppor tunity is wide There is an unceasing and increasing demand for the work of the trained artist. -Post This Coupon Now- TRAVEL LOG chryssell road, london, s.w.9 RELIANCE 3094 ART^ Learn Drawing by Post the John Hassall Way The John Hassall Method of Postal Training will find YOUR particu lar metierand direct your train ing along the specialised lines that will carry you forward to success. Write for Inter esting Free Book Send to-day to the John Hassall Correspondence Art School, St. Albans, for a pre sentation copy of the handsome il lustrated brochure which tells in de tail all about the John Hassall Way. What it is, what it has done, and what it can do for you. Please send mewithout charge or obligationa copy of the Illustrated Brochure, "The John Hassall Way." H8/7. NAME (In Capitaisj ADDRESS Modern Publicity October1937. THE JOHN HASSALL CORRESPONDENCE ART SCHOOL H8/7), ST. ALBANS Age (if under 21) We set out on a fine summer morning, last July. Yerbury occupied the back seat, nursing his precious cameras.* The writer carried a note-book and some needle-pointed pencils. Our chauffeur was the contact man who had secured the order for a book describing the factory operations of one of England's most famous firms. For several days we toured the Midlands. Yerbury climbed up on roofs, straddled girders and paralysed thousands of pounds worth of machinery while his camera clicked. The writer bought a fresh note-book and re-sharpened his pencils. And the documentation went on. After the Midlands we turned West. There was still one factory to be visited to make our records complete. This done we came back to London, having covered over a thousand miles on the road, taken more than a hundred pictures, filled several note-books with sketches and data. The booklet that resulted was authentic and, we are told, an outstanding piece of promotion matter.* T. C-N. *Please let us know if you would like to see it. a complete service for advertiserscopywriting designing photography typography binding printing in all its forms. Baynard Press Photographic Studio is under the direction of John Yerbury XI

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